Aluminium sheet for roofing in residential and industrial bu

Aluminium sheet for roofing in residential and industrial buildings
Aluminium sheet for roofing is a perfect choice for general roofing and walling applications.Pre-painted aluminum sheets /corrugated sheets in a variety of colours are also available, giving them additional aesthetic value.A versatile range of aluminium roofing sheets including Circular Corrugated, Industrial Trough, Stucco Embossed, and Tiled Sheets.Extend the aluminium advantage to the roof over your house and give it a new level of strength and durability.

We have more than 20 years experience in manufacture of aluminum roofing sheet and coils. Our product mostly goes to International market. This product comes in mill finish and color coated. Our roofing sheets provide a performance proven metal roofing system and is effective in rough and varied environment. Aluminium is lighter than many other metals. It has also good features like non combustible and non flammable and therefore a safe option for residential and industrial buildings. We can supply this material in 1100, 3003, 3103 and 3105 aluminum alloys.
Aluminium sheet for roofing is most outstanding feature of Aluminum as building material. Easy transportation, quick erection & dismantling, aesthetically pleasing appearance with high resale value after prolonged use have made Aluminum the preferred material over conventional G.I and Asbestos.
Aluminium Roofing Sheet and Coil
Aluminium roofing Sheets other features that make these aluminum sheets a preferable choice of our clients include the following:
Easy transportation
Quick erection & dismantling
Aesthetically pleasant appearance
High resale value, even after prolonged use
We have avail these sheets in sinusoidal (circular) or trapezoidal (industrial) forms, depending upon their requirement and need.
The different kinds of aluminum roofing sheets:

Aluminium Corrugated Roofing Sheets
Offered by us are aluminum corrugated roofing sheets that have won the acknowledgment of our clients for their convenient usage. Easy to install and dismantle, these sheets are light in weight. The corrugated pattern on these sheets make these even more applicable for different roofing purposes in industrial as well as residential sectors. We are leading supplier in South Indian region.
Industrial Roofing Sheets
Colour Roofing Sheets
Often, aluminum sheets are used in residential and commercial sectors for protecting the premises from water & dust and prohibiting the entrance of sunlight. In order to cater to such requirements, we bring forth for our clients a high utility range of Pre-painted Roofing Sheets. Being made using painted aluminum, these sheets are made available to the clients in different colors and designs.
Pre Painted Aluminium Roofing sheets
We will supplying these sheets as per the customers requirements,any interest contact us ( freely.

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