Prepainted Aluminum Coil for License Plate and Traffic Sign

License plate and traffic sign are two popular uses of the prepainted aluminum coil. What are the requirements of these two applications? Let’s have a look.
white prepainted aluminum coil

License plate

It requires that the color coated aluminum coil has great ductility, so that it is suitable for pressing out letters and numbers, and is also suitable for multi-layer composite. The typical license plate includes:
  • The pre-treated aluminum is laminated with reflective film and then embossed and superimposed.
  • Embossing and stacking of white coated aluminum coils.
  • lThe white coating substrate is embossed, the black coating substrate is perforated, and the aluminum substrate is bonded to form a composite board.
The grade and tempers of aluminum alloys are related to whether embossing is required. Normally, the material is usually 1050/1200 aluminum alloy, the thickness of the aluminum plate is 1-1.2mm, and the temper is H42. For icense plates that require multiple composites, aluminum is usually 3105 alloy with a thickness of 0.30mm.
Haomei Aluminum’s unique pretreatment technology uses primer and topcoat coating systems. This method uses an aluminum oxide film to produce a clean surface, which is an integral part of the aluminum surface. Due to its porous structure, the excellent paint prepared by this pretreatment can adhere well to the surface of the aluminum plate. In addition, the pretreatment is non-toxic and does not contain any heavy metal chromium or chemicals. Therefore, Haomei prepainted aluminum coil are ECO-friendly.

Traffic sign

Haomei color coated aluminum has an absolutely smooth and high-gloss surface, which is ideal for traffic signs and road signs. The color range is very wide, from natural aluminum to white, yellow, red, blue, black and metallic, and the surface is protected by a PVC protective film.
The material uses popular printing technology, no matter whether you use screen printing or digital printing, the surface does not require further processing. 
The features of Haomei color coated aluminum:
  • Excellent weather resistance, even in extreme weather conditions.
  • Paint does not fall off the edges.
  • The paint film does not fall off.
  • There is no blistering along the folded edge.

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