Supply galvanised steel painted aluminum coil sheet for roof

Where to buy pre-painted aluminium coil for roof?

Please to choose the professional pre-painted aluminium coil for roof manufacturer.

We stock over 50 colors that painted allows us to meet most ASTM physical property performance requirements. We also offer custom color matching to accommodate any architect, property owner, or corporate color palette with their design. It is a family of sustainable, energy-efficient roofing products that meet in many of the paint finishes. COOLR products come in a wide variety of colors, gauges, widths, and substrates for low and steep slope applications.

• Through exceptionally short lead times, our commitment to meeting delivery deadlines as well as our quick reactions allow us to forego large stocks.

• We possess extraordinarily flexible production capabilities and can deliver small amounts and special colours. Alongside standard colours, we also offer any colour desired.

• Higher corrosion resistance and weather ability performance of coated

Aluminium, we provide up to 20 year guarantees in the roofing field, suitable for heavy rain fall and high wind environments, suitable for areas like Super roofs, marine, airports,stadiums, Industrial & exhibition centers.

• We stand by your side through all stages of project implementation, from planning to completion.

It is carefully casted and rolled in our latest technology manufacturing lines following the most stringent quality criteria to meet customer’s requirements.


Alloys: 3004 / 3005/5754

Temper: H46

Thickness: between 0.65 to 1.2 mm

Coatings: Polyester, ARS, PVDF,

We have 3 gloss levels coating are available: High gloss, satin and matt.

A chemical pretreatment is applied to promote adhesion between the paint and metal coating surface. A high-performance primer is applied to the pretreated surface to enhance corrosion resistance, particularly at cut edges, scratches and bends. The system is completed by applying a colorful, durable paint selected for the performance requirements of the application. Typical topcoats include acrylics, polyesters, siliconized polyesters, fluoropolymers and plastisols.

Three Coating Options:

1. Self-clean Namo coating

With Namotechnology, our Namo PVDF coating could make it clean itself using sun and rain, maintenance and cleaning cost are reduced by at least 50%.

2. Durable coating

With our high-performance coating based on polymer resin, resistant to UV rays, moisture and abrasion. With such coating we can guarantee of up to 20 years.

3. Gloss coating

finished pre painted aluminum coil and aluminium flat sheet coated metals group is a leading manufacturer of pre painted aluminum coil and flat sheet to the building construction industry. aluminum coils are processed to the customer's precise specifications, including custom widths and exact lineal footages.

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