Pre-painted aluminium coil used in a variety of applications

Whatever your usage and needs for pre-painted aluminium coils/aluminium coil for roof, you will get the best aluminium sheets from HAOMEI aluminum. View our range of pre-painted steel coils products, colours and specifications on our website.We provides aluminium roofing materials for those who need. China Aluminium roofing sheets are of exceptional quality and are reliable. We offers ideal and economial solution for all your roofing needs.
Pre-painted aluminium is metal on which a coating of a specific material in the form of paint or film is applied.
Pre-painted aluminium coils are available in a variety of colours, and are used in a variety of applications and to manufacture a number of products, such as:
• Packaging
• Aviation
• Transport
• Aluminium cans
• Electrical components
• Appliances
• Signage, and more

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