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We are the best roofing aluminium sheet manufacturer who provides quality aluminium roofing sheets. Aluminum corrugated sheet for roofing are a perfect choice for general roofing and walling applications. Pre-painted aluminum sheets roofing in a variety of colours are also available, giving them additional aesthetic value.

We have gained expertise in manufacture of roofing sheet and coils. Our product mostly goes to International market. This product comes in mill finish and color coated. Our roofing sheets provide a performance proven metal roofing system and is effective in rough and varied environment. Aluminium is lighter than many other metals. It has also good features like non combustible and non flammable and therefore a safe option for residential and industrial buildings. We can supply this material in 1100, 3003, 3103 and 3105 alloys.

Application :

Industrial & Household Roofing

Cladding Sheet

Gutter System


Model Style Alloy Temper Specification(mm)
Wave height Wave Length Thickness Width Length
V25-150ⅰ As picture1 1050 1060 1070 1100 3003 5005 8011 H18 25 150 0.6-1.0 635 1700--6200
V25-150ⅱ As picture2 935
V25-150ⅲ As picture3 970
V25-150ⅳ As picture4 1170
V60-137.5 As picture5 H16,H18 60 187.5 0.9—1.2 826 1700--6200
V25-300 As picture6 H16 25 300 0.6—1.0 985 1700--5000
V35-115ⅰ As picture7 H16,H18 35 115 0.7—1.2 720 >=1700
V35-115ⅱ As picture8 710
V35-125 As picture9 H16,H18 35 125 0.7—1.2 807 >=1700
V130-550 As picture10 H16,H18 130 550 1.0—1.2 625 >=6000
V173 As picture11 H16,H18 173 0.9—1.2 387 >=1700
Z295 As picture12 H18 0.6—1.0 295 1200--2500

Like other types of metal roofing, aluminum is also extremely energy-efficient. Studies have shown that metal roofs absorb 34% less heat than traditional asphalt shingles.

As aluminium have lots of benefits and advantages as a metal. These pros are well suited for roofing purposes. Variety of Aluminium roofing sheets types are available in the market manufactured by various companies. Here you can find everything about aluminium roofing sheets, types, prices and benefits.

Aluminium is the second most commonly used metal in buildings after steel, and is used in all construction sectors, from commercial buildings to domestic apartments. aluminium About 30-50% of the India annual production of Aluminium is used in the construction field. As the construction industry developing rapidly, usage of aluminium metal too.

In addition, aluminum roofing is typically made up of 90% recycled material and is itself fully recyclable when necessary, making it one of the most environmentally sound building materials.

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