Why aluminium sheet for roofing get more popular

Aluminium roofing sheets come in rolls of average of 600mm to 1300mm depends on the manufacture and specifications. with different widths and thickness based on specifications to calculat the roof required could be done by calculating the surface area in square meters of the area covered by the aluminium.
Corrugated roofing's low material cost and rapid installation places it amongst the most economical products of its type available. Corrugated roofing is machine-rollable to minimum inside radius curves of 400mm for (eg) barrel ridges, horizontally-clad wall corners and bullnosing. Corrugated roofing has a variety of coatings, including natural galvanising and powder-coated process finishes, are available to suit environmental and aesthetic criteria.
Aluminum roofing is among the premium choices for metal roofing material, That's partly because it offers superior corrosion resistance to regular ferrous (steel) roofing options. This characteristic makes it a frequent choice in coastal applications. A few things to know about aluminum:
1. As a bare, natural metal, aluminum is not very pretty as it ages, so it's most commonly employed as a metal when it's finished with a painted surface.
2. The usual alloys of aluminum sheet used for roofing applications tend be very formable and easy to work on site, making it a very easy material for most installers to use on a roof.
3. Aluminum is also usually the lightest metal used for roofing. Its strength-to-weight ratio is among the highest of the "common" metals (that's why most of the airliners in the sky use aluminum for their air frame), and so a thinner piece of aluminum can often do the job of a thicker piece of other metals. This lightness and thinness also means aluminum roofing stores the least amount of heat (think of the aluminum foil used for baking), and so becomes cool quickly once it stops receiving direct sunlight.
4. Price-wise, aluminum is in between most of the finished steels and copper and zinc.

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