Pre painted aluminum coil offers different possibilities

HAOMEI aluminum is an professional manufacturer of pre-painted aluminum coil and flat sheet to the building construction industry. Aluminum coils are processed to the customer’s precise specifications, including custom widths and exact lineal footages. processed to specified sizes upon special request. Protective strippable film can be applied to aluminum coils and sheets for protection during fabrication. All products are produced from tension leveled, extra smooth substrate in a wide variety of gauges, paint finishes and colors.
Width: 20 – 1600 mm
Length: Max 7000 mm
Thickness: 0,3 – 5,0 mm

Polyester, powdercoat and PVDF aluminum coil systems are available according to customer specifications. This coil coating process has been proven to result in optimum colour finish and maximum durability.
Pre-painting of aluminium and hot dip galvanised sheet metal by use of coil coating technology. The coating is spread on the base material using a system of rollers, which guarantees an even, complete coating of the entire surface of the product. Coating can be done one or two sides. Various paint systems are possible such as powder coating, polyester liquid coating and PVDF coating. For building and architectural purposes in plain and stucco finishes.
Prepainted aluminum coil offers you many different possibilities
But prepainted aluminum is commonly used for food packaging. Why? Coated aluminium makes containers more resistant to food with an aggressive pH or high salinity. In addition, prepainted aluminium protects taste and aroma and extends products shelf life
Application of pre painted aluminum coil:
Building facades
curtain walls and shading elements
roller shutters
composite and partitioning walls
composite or sandwich panels
decorative panels
advertising boards

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