pre painted aluminum roofing

pre painted aluminum roofing

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HAOMEI Aluminum roofing material
  • 2017-11-06

    3105 pre painted aluminum roofing with great durability

    The pre-painted finish offers great durability for indoor and outdoor exposure. Finishes offer an abrasive coating while maintaining the capability for fabricating. Aluminum 3105 aluminum roofing is a non-heat treatable alloy, is corrosionRead More

  • 2017-11-01

    Pre painted aluminum roofing garnering more attention

    Since the year 2000, pre painted aluminum roofing garnering more attention. Multiple steps in metal aluminum roof sheet fabrication.Residential aluminum metal sheet roofing is primarily made of steel or aluminum. A properly installed metalRead More

  • 2017-10-25

    Color coated aluminum coil has wide applicability

    Color coated aluminum coil/Painted aluminum coil is widely used in high-grade building indoor and outdoor aluminum coating, some public places in the indoor and outdoor decoration, construction decoration furniture manufacturing also oftenRead More

  • 2017-09-18

    Color coated aluminum for aluminum roofing in building decor

    Aluminum color coated sheets/color coated aluminum coil are suitable for printing, advertisements, packaging, roofing, etc. These aluminum color coated sheets/color coated aluminum coil are made available in different color coatings, lengthRead More

  • 2017-09-15

    The production processing of coated aluminum coil roofing

    Our aluminum coils can meet customers specific thickness and width requirements. The mill engineers each slab and coil of metal to meet our standards. Coated aluminum coil roofing which refers to the aluminum coil through coating and coloriRead More

  • 2017-09-04

    What is the pre painted aluminium

    The pre painted aluminium products are produced through a continuous painting process, in which the aluminium is degreased, chemically pre-treated and painted. The result is a product with high performance features, characterized as being vRead More